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In Cricket most preference has been given to batsmans, but many bowlers have ruled the game with their bowling.

Cricket have produced many fast bowlers till today. Many batsmans have got injured by deliveries of fast bowlers.2–3 decades ago, Bowlers used to get lot of help in wickets and mostly tracks were fast, deadly. Dennis Lillee, Curtly Ambrose, Waqar Younis and Shoaib Akhtar etc. are known as deadly bowlers of all time.In today’s Cricket very less tracks are there which are helpful for fast bowlers and hardly rules are in the favour of bowlers. Hardly there is swing in some tracks, most pitches are batting friendly. But still, there are fast bowlers who can trouble batsman with their pace, bounce and length.So, here are fastest bowlers in Cricket in 2020: –

Oshane Thomas(West Indies)

Caribbean fast bowler is fastest bowler in West Indies team in current era. Thomas bowls with speed near about 150 and his some balls exceeds speed of 150 kmph.Although, Thomas is not so consistent with lines and length. If he manages to improve his bowling, good pace and length can make him a deadly bowler.

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