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Match No 7 of “The Hundred 2022” will be played between Northern Superchargers vs Trent Rockets on 09th August 2022 at Headingley, Leeds. Match will start at 11:00PM IST. 


Both teams have played one match against each other, in that match Trent Rockets has defeated Northern Superchargers by 2 wickets.

This season both the sides has made good start to “The Hundred 2022” campaign by winning their 1st match respectively.


Northern Superchargers batting lineup is depend lot upon their skipper Faf du plessis. However, Adam lyth and Harry Brook are guys to support him and release pressure upon skipper. Faf is one of the batsman who looks to play till end and he should be preferred captain in fantasy team.

All round department of Northern Superchargers look really balanced with David Wiese, David Willey and DJ Bravo in lineup. Adil Rashid and van der Merwe are experienced spinners in team. Adil Rashid, DJ Bravo and David Willey are players to select in fantasy team.

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