Fielders with most catches in ICC World Cup history

August 1, 2023

As the ICC Cricket World Cup unfolds every four years, it brings with it a display of exceptional cricketing talent from around the globe. Among the numerous skills exhibited on the field, fielding often takes center stage, with breathtaking catches, agile dives, and lightning-fast reflexes leaving fans in awe.

In this blog, we delve into the world of fielding legends who have etched their names in the record books of the Cricket World Cup:-

Mark Waugh – The Australian Magician

Mark Waugh, a part of the legendary Waugh twins, was an elegant fielder who took 20 catches in the World Cup. Renowned for his anticipation and superb ground fielding, Waugh’s contribution on the field was invaluable during Australia’s successful campaigns in 1996 and 1999. His athleticism and accuracy in throwing down the stumps made him a match-winner with both bat and fielding skills.