Best Player for each Team in IPL History

July 25, 2020

Sunil Narine(Kolkata Knight Riders)

Sunil Narine And The Mystery Behind Pink Colour | Cricket News: Best Player
Image Credit – Sports NDTV
One of the key asset for Kolkata Knight Riders and arguably their best player ever. KKR lucked changed lot when they bought Sunil Narine in team. Narine was never easy to pick in his purple patch time.
Narine is highest wicket-taker for KKR. He has played a massive role in KKR’s success. KKR have won two IPLs and Sunil Narine is one of the hero behind that.
From last 2-3 seasons, he is opening for KKR. KKR have made full use of Sunil Narine and he is one of the player who is completely utilised by any IPL team.