This player is Next Andre Russell in IPL, believes Gautam Gambhir

May 11, 2021

According to Gautam Gambhir the next big all rounder like Andre Russell is Kyle Jamieson.

Kyle Jamieson has played 6 Tests, 2 ODIs and 4 T20Is for New Zealand. His base price is 75 lakh.
Gambhir admitted that kyle is not a “finished product” but he added that the 6 feet 8 inch tall kyle is young and a team can be built around him.
Further, He said that all rounders like Russell and Chris Morris are at their peak of their careers and they can’t get any better but 26-year-old Jamieson has the scope of always improving his game.
“Kyle Jamieson is not a big name at the moment, but he will turn out to be a superstar. This is probably the right auction for all franchises to get a hold of him. And because he is someone whom you can keep for a longer period of time. He is seven feet, he is that tall. Kyle can bowl 140 and can hit the ball long. He probably could be the next Andre Russell in the making,” Gambhir

“It’s not as if he’s reached his peak. There are players like Russell and Morris, who have already reached their peak. They can’t get better than this.

But with Jamieson, there will always be this thing where he’ll keep improving. This is his first experience in India, he’ll only start getting better from here on. So it will be a great addition if someone can pick him and keep him for a long time,” Gautam